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Adult/U21 Open Latin - Daniche CreativeFINAL
Adult/U21 Open Latin - Daniche Creative - Semi143
Adult/U21 Open New Vogue - Woods of the WestFINAL
Adult/U21 Open Standard - Marine Plants SystemsFINAL
Adult/U21 Open Standard - Marine Plants Systems - Semi157
Adult/Under 21 B&C Grade LatinFINAL
Adult/Under 21 B&C Grade New VogueFINAL
Adult/Under 21 B&C Grade StandardFINAL
All Abilities Adult LatinFINAL
All Abilities Adult New VogueFINAL
All Abilities Adult/U21 StandardFINAL
All Abilities Masters LatinFINAL
All Abilities Masters New VogueFINAL
All Abilities Masters StandardFINAL
Basic Syllabus Open All Ages Latin - Zflowers.ComFINAL
Basic Syllabus Open All Ages New VogueFINAL
Basic Syllabus Open All Ages Standard - Zflowers.ComFINAL
Basic Syllabus Open All Ages Standard - Zflowers.Com - Semi147
Coach/Student Adult/U21 Latin Cha ChaFINAL
Coach/Student Adult/U21 Latin JiveFINAL
Coach/Student Adult/U21 Latin Paso DobleFINAL
Coach/Student Adult/U21 Latin RumbaFINAL
Coach/Student Adult/U21 Latin SambaFINAL
Coach/Student Adult/Under 21 NV Barclay BluesFINAL
Coach/Student Adult/Under 21 NV CarouselFINAL
Coach/Student Adult/Under 21 NV Gypsy TapFINAL
Coach/Student Adult/Under 21 NV La BombaFINAL
Coach/Student Adult/Under 21 NV Swing WaltzFINAL
Coach/Student Adult/Under 21 Std QuickstepFINAL
Coach/Student Adult/Under 21 Std Slow FoxtrotFINAL
Coach/Student Adult/Under 21 Std TangoFINAL
Coach/Student Adult/Under 21 Std Viennese WaltzFINAL
Coach/Student Adult/Under 21 Std WaltzFINAL
Coach/Student Junior Latin Cha ChaFINAL
Coach/Student Junior Latin JiveFINAL
Coach/Student Junior Latin RumbaFINAL
Coach/Student Junior Latin SambaFINAL
Coach/Student Junior NV CarouselFINAL
Coach/Student Junior NV Gypsy TapFINAL
Coach/Student Junior NV Swing WaltzFINAL
Coach/Student Junior NV TangoetteFINAL
Coach/Student Junior Std QuickstepFINAL
Coach/Student Junior Std Slow FoxtrotFINAL
Coach/Student Junior Std TangoFINAL
Coach/Student Junior Std WaltzFINAL
Coach/Student Masters Latin Cha ChaFINAL
Coach/Student Masters Latin JiveFINAL
Coach/Student Masters Latin Paso DobleFINAL
Coach/Student Masters Latin RumbaFINAL
Coach/Student Masters Latin SambaFINAL
Coach/Student Masters NV Barclay BluesFINAL
Coach/Student Masters NV CarouselFINAL
Coach/Student Masters NV Gypsy TapFINAL
Coach/Student Masters NV La BombaFINAL
Coach/Student Masters NV Swing WaltzFINAL
Coach/Student Masters Std QuickstepFINAL
Coach/Student Masters Std Quickstep - Semi75
Coach/Student Masters Std Slow FoxtrotFINAL
Coach/Student Masters Std Slow Foxtrot - Semi74
Coach/Student Masters Std TangoFINAL
Coach/Student Masters Std Viennese WaltzFINAL
Coach/Student Masters Std WaltzFINAL
Coach/Student Masters Std Waltz - Semi71
Junior B&C Grade LatinFINAL
Junior B&C Grade New VogueFINAL
Junior B&C Grade StandardFINAL
Junior Open Latin - Adam PennFINAL
Junior Open New VogueFINAL
Junior Open Standard - Tango TeddyFINAL
Juvenile B&C Grade LatinFINAL
Juvenile B&C Grade Latin - Semi136
Juvenile B&C Grade New VogueFINAL
Juvenile B&C Grade StandardFINAL
Juvenile B&C Grade Standard - Semi151
Juvenile Open Latin - Crystal BallroomFINAL
Juvenile Open Latin - Crystal Ballroom - Semi142
Juvenile Open New VogueFINAL
Juvenile Open Standard - NY FashionFINAL
Juvenile Open Standard - NY Fashion - Semi156
Masters B&C Grade New VogueFINAL
Masters B&C Grade StandardFINAL
Masters Open LatinFINAL
Masters Open New VogueFINAL
Masters Open Standard - Dancezone WAFINAL
Medalist Adult/U21 Cha ChaFINAL
Medalist Adult/U21 Couples LatinFINAL
Medalist Adult/U21 Couples NVFINAL
Medalist Adult/U21 Couples StandardFINAL
Medalist Adult/U21 MerilynFINAL
Medalist Adult/U21 QuickstepFINAL
Medalist Adult/U21 RumbaFINAL
Medalist Adult/U21 TangoetteFINAL
Medalist Adult/U21 WaltzFINAL
Medalist Junior Cha ChaFINAL
Medalist Junior MerilynFINAL
Medalist Junior QuickstepFINAL
Medalist Junior RumbaFINAL
Medalist Junior TangoetteFINAL
Medalist Junior WaltzFINAL
Medalist Juvenile Cha ChaFINAL
Medalist Juvenile MerilynFINAL
Medalist Juvenile QuickstepFINAL
Medalist Juvenile RumbaFINAL
Medalist Juvenile TangoetteFINAL
Medalist Juvenile WaltzFINAL
Medalist Masters Cha ChaFINAL
Medalist Masters Cha Cha - Semi94
Medalist Masters Couples LatinFINAL
Medalist Masters Couples NVFINAL
Medalist Masters Couples StandardFINAL
Medalist Masters MerilynFINAL
Medalist Masters Merilyn - Semi11
Medalist Masters QuickstepFINAL
Medalist Masters Quickstep - Semi49
Medalist Masters RumbaFINAL
Medalist Masters Rumba - Semi95
Medalist Masters TangoetteFINAL
Medalist Masters Tangoette - Semi12
Medalist Masters WaltzFINAL
Medalist Masters Waltz - Semi48
Medalist Sub-Juvenile Cha ChaFINAL
Medalist Sub-Juvenile Couples LatinFINAL
Medalist Sub-Juvenile Couples NVFINAL
Medalist Sub-Juvenile Couples StandardFINAL
Medalist Sub-Juvenile MerilynFINAL
Medalist Sub-Juvenile QuickstepFINAL
Medalist Sub-Juvenile RumbaFINAL
Medalist Sub-Juvenile WaltzFINAL
Sub Juvenile Open Couples LatinFINAL
Sub Juvenile Open Couples New VogueFINAL
Sub Juvenile Open Couples StandardFINAL
U21 Open Latin - Move Me DancewearFINAL
U21 Open New Vogue - Adam PennFINAL
U21 Open Standard - Marine Plants SystemsFINAL
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