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DanceSportLive provides various types of advertising driven by our unique internet engine. Our servers track thousands of page views providing ample web traffic to promote your company, products or next Competition.

Top Level Advertising

This is advertising that appears in the main body of this country's website. Adverts are displayed at random throughout this Top Level of the site and can be directly linked to your website. All adverts are monitored by our unique 'Display System' which automatically monitors each time an advert is viewed. For further enquiries about advertising with DanceSportLive in your country contact the advertising representitive located in the 'Country Info' page.

Competition Magazine Advertising

Separate advertising exists for each Competition and are randomly displayed through that Competition's On-Line Magazine. These adverts are displayed on pages such as the Competition's Time Table, Recall Notices, News Articles, etc. Advertising at the On-Line Magazine level is a joint venture with the Competition Organiser and DanceSportLive.


For further information about advertising with DanceSportLive please contact the advertising representitive located in the 'Country Info' page or visit our Contact Us page.